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FB媒体运营\FB Social Media Specialist















1. Develop and execute strategic plans for our games’ international social media presence, including platform targeting, content strategy, online events, audience growth, and brand awareness.

2. Be a player advocate. Produce high quality content and social events that bring value to our community, and connect with players authentically. Critically evaluate player feedback, and reflect back to the dev team to create an increasingly excellent gaming experience.

3. Analyze audience habits, interests, and values and leverage current hot topics to produce highly engaging, shareable content that expands the game beyond the screen.

4. Analyze how industry leaders manage their content structure and platforms, fan targeting/engagement, and brand awareness.

5. Continuously adapt to new trends and innovations in the social media landscape.

Basic Qualifications:

1. Strong understanding of online culture, multiplayer gaming, and the mobile gaming industry, especially for North America and Europe.

2. Familiarity with a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), their roles in community and brand management, and word of mouth marketing.

3. Excellent English written and communication skills, able to engage complex or sensitive topics with accuracy and nuance. Basic Chinese communication skills preferred.

4. Passionate gamer with the ability to understand what makes our games stand out. Candidates who are strategy game fans preferred.

5. 1+ year social media or community management experience in the gaming industry strongly preferred. We would love to see platforms or campaigns you previously managed!